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Professional Bankruptcy Representation

When you need to file a consumer bankruptcy case in Oregon or southwest Washington, you should contact Garner Law Offices of Tualatin. We can file Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases for you, and Daniel T. Garner is admitted to practice before both the U.S. District Court of Oregon and the U.S. District Court of Western Washington. Contact us today - we have 5 convenient locations available to you!

Important Financial Documentation

When you're trying to build a bankruptcy case, it's important to provide as much information as possible. Below are the documents we suggest bringing, if you have them available:

  • Pay stubs documenting your income for the past 7 months, or an itemized report from your employer

  • Financial statements covering business income and expenses for the past seven months - if self-employed

  • Proof of any other payments received in the last seven months, such as unemployment benefits, child or spousal support, pension or retirement benefits, interest, dividends, rental or lease income, or any other assistance

  • Proof of income covering any years for which you have not yet filed tax returns

  • Any inheritance you might have coming, including life insurance or any trusts naming you a beneficiary

  • Federal and state income tax returns for the last 2 years that you have filed

Court Judgments

•   Documentation of any lawsuits you have been involved in and the

    judgment amounts, if any

•   Divorce decree and related orders - if you were divorced in the last

    2 years

•   Trustee's notice of sale if you are facing foreclosure

•   Any court fines that you have not yet paid or unpaid taxes that you

    still owe

"I hired Attorney Garner to help me out with my mortgage foreclosure and he quickly filed a chapter 13 case to save my home. He was professional, very experienced, and affordable. I would recommend his office to anyone facing bankruptcy issues."

-Katie M., via Yelp

Receive compassionate, knowledgeable assistance with your case when you call:


Receive compassionate, knowledgeable assistance with your case when you call:

•   The most current bills from everyone you owe money to, including

    collection agencies, law firms, mortgages and home equity loans, car

    loans, student loans, returned checks, and overdraft fees

•   Proof of any unusual expenses, such as in-home care, prescriptions,

    medical or prosthetic devices

•   Prior addresses if you moved within the last 3 years

Bills and Expenses

Proof of income